Sunday, June 7, 2009

New Art Shows in SL

There are two promising art exhibitions opening today, Sunday June 7, at 4 pm EDT, so L1 will be a busy avatar later today after scooping up some actual world sunshine before then.  The Evolution Gallery, at and DanCoyote/DC Spensley in the actual world's Museum of Hyperformalism at are the places.  

I haven't seen any of the Evolution pieces yet, but I snuck over to the Museum of Hyperformalism yesterday for a peek and ran into the talented Selavy Oh, who was putting the finishing touches on an as-yet untitled piece that really blew me away.  See the pic below and check out the rest of Selavy's installation, as well as my friend Oberon's and Comet Morigi's s work.  These three artists, all involved with Brooklyn Is Watching, are working in the most evocative ways with what virtual art can, might, and must do.

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