Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Misprint's V-TV

L1, Maya, and Misprint dwell in the data stream at Misprint's installation.  This picture and video are part of my keynote presentation at the opening session of the NMC conference.

Misprint Thursday with collaborating scripts contributed by Oberon Onmura and Cinco Pizzicato

This installation translates text communication into a visual form of communication.  I e-mailed my idea--that "We create our senses of self in a virtual world through our interactions with each other.  It is social and cultural, but it is done through computer-mediated communication."  

I read around in cyberpsychology this past week and about CMC and it really threatened to ruin my second life for a little while.  Made me worry that I was  only talking to myself, or projections of myself, or idealized fantasies of others I projected onto the other avatars.  But these gals are pretty real and despite my excellent imagination, I could not come up with them.  Also I think that the critique of CMC that I was reading was based on asynchronous text, andin SL, the synchronous communication, strong visuals, immersive experience, my voice communications with some inworld friends, and extra-world communication like e-mail and non-SL IMs and chat go beyond the limitations described in some of the critiques I read, like this.  Anyway, I think I don't care!  Bring on the consensual hallucination.

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