Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Falling Woman Story

Finally . . . a finished machinima!  I think I found my "voice" making this one, and interestingly, it was not one of the pieces in my grand plan of inter-related interviews and think-piece commentaries.  

I think of this piece as an anchor piece, an introduction to some of the issues I see as pertinent to an exploration of virtual subjectivity, and also of an introduction to L1.  You're dropped in the middle of an intimate conversation with her, and suddenly she is telling you this incredible story, showing you how she imagines it, how she has played it out in Second Life, experiencing it for herself, shaping it into a performance, remaking it into machinima.  


Grace McDunnough said...

Fantastic. Thanks for sharing this, it's packed with goodness.

Kate Miranda said...

Oh yes that is a metaphor. I once had a certain angry man de-rezz a ship from under me so that I fell in the water.

Robin Ashford said...

An excellent machinima and very nice blog :)
I noticed it's also available on Youtube and was able to watch it in full screen that way. Very fun.

(BTW-I'd love to know what animation you're avi is using. Loved the hand motions while you were talking.)

Diane Nahl said...

Wonderful work of art and life story telling. I will have my students watch and respond.