Sunday, January 18, 2009

I Love Lucy moment in SL

Can you see what is behind the fabulous Bryan Mnemonic, just to the right, on the floor?  It is L1Aura Loire's hair!!!  I went to shoot footage of him in his Virtual Harlem sim, where he is doing just about the most interesting and innovative teaching in Second Life, and this is what happened:

I turned off L1's user interface so it wouldn't show in the video footage.  I clicked around and must have somehow detached her hair!  So I hurriedly put on some more hair once I realized it, and of course Bryan was very nice about it all and we had a good laugh and did the interview.  BUT I must have actually DROPPED the hair, not detached, because as soon as we were done and I eager went to check the footage, I could spy L's hair in the background.  GASP!  

L1 sent Bryan, who was teaching there in his Virtual Harlem space, an instant message alerting him to the abandoned hair, and being the gentleman and scholar that he is, he immediately returned it, hopefully before any students could see.  

Only in Second Life.  But this is what would happen to Lucy Ricardo if she were bumbling around in here.

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