Tuesday, January 20, 2009

"Barack Obama is going to clean up the mess . . . in our house!" Sammy, 3 1/2 years old

Well, Sammy's idea for how far Obama can reach might be a little overstated, but I guess he understands the general feeling that his mother has on this inauguration day.  I feel optimistic and hopeful not only about politics for the first time in a long time, but about humanity.  Enough people chose hope instead of fear, chose change instead of retrenchment, chose the future instead of the past.  I feel great hope for race relations in America; Obama's election is a game-changer in that breaks open perceptions and creates new possibilities for collaborations and dialogue.  Studies show it doesn't take much for people to drop their prejudices, and that tolerance spreads fast.  We have an amazing opportunity to take huge steps that will make a big difference in our children's lives.

There is a Second Life angle to this: two of my friends and I hosted a party to celebrate the inauguration in SL this past Sunday.  It was at lynsey Fleury's Woodstock sim, with a live performance by Angelndskyz Galicia.   It was like a real party: I introduced friends who didn't know each other to each other, and, because it was SL, was able to keep dancing while I shot some video!  Didn't have the space navigator hooked up, so the video is choppy, and it is just one take, no cuts, but it gives an idea of what it was like.  You can see the awesome ice ramp Maya Paris created, with the congratulatory message to Obama that we all felt so strongly.

and now Joseph Biden is officially VP.

12:04 pm: Obama comes to the podium for the oath!